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Annavaram Sri Satyanarayana Swamy Temple

Annavaram Sri Satyanarayana Swamy Temple the Divya Darshanam is the scheme launched by Andhra Pradesh state government. Under this scheme, people will visit famous temples for free of cost. This Darshanam scheme is only for the people who are economically poor. Annavaram Sri Satyanarayana Swami temple is also one of the famous temples in Andhra Pradesh.

About Annavaram temple:

Annavaram temple or Sri Satyanarayana temple is the Hindu famous temple which is located at Annavaram in East Godavari District. Here Lord Vishnu worshiped Veera Venkata Satyanarayana Swami and temple is on the hillock named as Ratnagiri
Here Lord Satyadeva sits with Anantha Lakshmi on one side and Lord Siva on another side. After Lord situated at Ratnagiri hill and named as Ratankara who was a son of Meru. Annavaram temple is followed by Pampa river which is touching the feet of hill

History of Annavaram temple:

Based on legend, Ramayana was the zamindar of Gorasa. One day Lord came in his dream and he traced the idol on a hill. He worshipped the idol spot on Sravanasuddhavidiya. The main temple is constructed of the chariot that has four wheels at corner.

This is the only temple attracting pilgrim for both Siva and Vishnu Hindu religion. Lord Vishnu (Satyadeva) provides his powerful blessing on all devotees in his beautifully manifested from divine three devas called as Hari Hara Hiranyagarbhathrimurtyatmaka.

Annavaram Sri Satyanarayana Swamy Temple

Temple opening timings:

  • Annavaram temple darshan timings: 6 AM to 12 PM and 12:30 PM to 9 PM

Daily sevas:

  • Suprabhata Seva: 03:30 AM
  • Abhishekam, Archana: 4 AM to 05:15 AM
  • Balabogam: 05:15 AM
  • Neerahana Mantra Pushpamulu, Panchaharathulu: 05:30 PM
  • Sahasranamarchanas, Ashtothara Santhanam poojas, Abhishekam: 8 AM to 12 PM
  • Nitya Kalyanam: 09:30 AM
  • Rajabhoga Mahanivedana: 12:30 PM to 1 PM
  • Darbaru Seva: 07:30 PM to 08:30 PM
  • Sri Ammavarla Ekantha Seva: 08:30 PM to 9 PM

Ticket cost:

  • Suprabatha seva: Rs 116
  • Swamivari Vratham: Rs 150, Rs 200
  • Special Vratham at Dwajasthambham: Rs 500
  • Visishta Vratham: Rs 1116
  • Nitya Kalyanam: Rs 750
  • Sri Swamivari Vratham after pooja: Rs 150
  • Sitaramula Pattabhishekam on full moon day: Rs 116
  • Laksha Patri Pooja: Rs 2500
  • Pavalimpu Seva: Rs 50
  • Sri Ammavari Laksha Kumkumarchana: Rs 2500
  • Sri Swamivari Abhishekam on a lunar day: Rs 1116


  • Satyanarayana Swami Vratham

Dress code for Vratham:

For men: White Pancha, Normal pant, and shirt, Kurtha, Pyjama

For women: Half saree, Saree with the blouse, Punjabi dress with Dupatta, Chudidhar with Dupatta

How to Reach:

Annavaram is the village which is situated close to Pampa Holy River in Andhra Pradesh. It is located 32 km from pithapuram, 72 km from Rajahmundry and 51 km from Kakinada. There are many trains passed the Annavaram station. So now people can easily travel to Annavaram by road, rail, and air without any hassles.

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