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Sri Amareswara Swamy Temple Amaravathi

Sri Amareswara Swamy Temple Amaravathi is one of the famous temples in Amaravathi. Andhra Pradesh state government provides the new scheme for poor people named as Divya Darshanam. Under this scheme, economically backward people will send to holy tour with free of cost. Amaravathi temple is also present in that Divya Darshanam tourism list.

About Amaravathi temple:

Amaravathi temple is present Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh. Sri Amareswara Swamy temple is also called as Amaravathi temple. Here Lord Siva worshipped as Sri Amareswara Swamy and this temple is located on a southern bank of Krishna River in Amaravathi. This is one of the Pancharama Kshetras which are dedicated to Lord Shiva.
The temple consists of 3 concentric circles. In first circle Mahishasura Mardini, Omkareswara Swamy, Veerabhadraswamy, Agasteswara Swamy and Guru Dattatreya temples are present. The second circle contains the Vinayaka, Anjaneya, Kalabhairava, Kumaraswamy along with Krishna under a tree, and Nagendraswamy

The third circle has Kasi Viswanath, Pushpadanteswara Swamy, Mallikarjuna and Kalahasthiswara temples.

Sri Amareswara Swamy Temple Amaravathi

Importance of Sri Amareswara Swamy temple:

This temple has 15 feet high Shiva Lingam dedicated to Lord Shiva. The Shiva Lingam is very tall and Archakas mount the pedestal platform to perform daily sevas. The top of Linga has red stain and it can be seen today

The most important thing is Shiva Lingam grew in size so that a nail was dug on top of Shiva Lingam then immediately blood started oozing out from Shiva Lingam

There are 5 Panchararama Kshetras:

  • Amararama in Amaravathi
  • Bhimeshwara in Draksharamam
  • Ksheeraramam in Palakollu
  • Kumararamam in Samarlakota / Samalkota
  • Somaramam in Bhimavaram

Temple opening timings:

  • Temple opens at 6 Am to 12 PM and 4 PM to 8 PM

Ticket cost:

  • Saswatha Abhishekam: Rs 1116
  • Nithya Abhisheka Pathakam: Rs 3116
  • Nithya Pooja Pathakam: Rs 1516
  • Any Ashtotram: Rs 50
  • Saswatha Annadanam: Rs 1116
  • Kathikamassa Abhishekam: Rs 1116
  • Navagraha Abhishekam: Rs 100
  • Masa Shivaratri Abheshekam: Rs 516
  • Eka Rudrabhishekam: Rs 100
  • Santhi: Rs 250
  • Rudra Homam: Rs 2116
  • Dasara Alankarams: Rs 1516
  • Uchitha Pulihora: Rs 100
  • Maha Shivaratri Abheshekam: Rs 216
  • Chandi Homam: Rs 2116
  • Sahasra Namarchana: Rs 100
  • Special Darshan: Rs 20


  • 4 wheeler pooja: Rs 100
  • 2 wheeler pooja: Rs 50


Here main festivals are Maha Shivaratri, Kalyana Utsavas, and Navaratri

How to Reach:

Amaravathi district is well connected to all major cities and towns. Devotes visit the Amaravathi temple easily by road, rail, and air without any hassles. The nearest railway station is situated at Peddakurapadu (19 km from the temple) and the nearest airport is Rajiv Gandhi international airport (244 km distance from the temple).

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